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Safety & Security

All passengers must pass through the security screening process after check-in and before entering the departure area. 

Most airlines require that passengers report at check-in counters two hours before departure for domestic flights and three hours before departure for international flights. Please check with your airline for updates.

  • Carry your e-ticket or get your boarding pass at the self-check-in kiosks near departure gates.
  • Ensure that you have a valid government photo ID for security verification.
  • Proceed to the check-in counters to collect your boarding pass/drop luggage. Use self-bag drop, if applicable.
  • Show your boarding pass to stamp as your pass-through security check.
  • Not more than 100 ml of liquids, aerosols, and gels, is permitted.
  • Sharp items such as metallic, replica weapons and articles with the potential to cause interference with Civil Aviation operations are not permitted. Such items may be confiscated by the authorities. 

As a passenger, you play a vital role in countering any potential threat at the Airport that might come to your notice. You are requested to report any unclaimed or unidentified baggage or suspicious person or activity to the CISF Control Room and Terminal Manager. 

Airport Authorities have the right to control and take action against unruly passengers classified as below: 

  • Unruly behaviour arising from consumption of narcotics and/or alcohol
  • Refusal to comply with Safety Rules and Standards
  • Verbal and/or physical confrontation, threats to an Airport Official
  • Sexual abuse or harassment
  • Any other riotous behaviour